Thursday, July 22, 2010

Australian Lingo

jumper (sweatshirt lol)

joggers (not sneakers,  we don't sneak around in them.)
Often we find ourselves laughing hysterically when we speak with Australians.  Luckily we have made some friends who have enlightened us to the hilarious terminology down under.  We also learned if a word can be shortened it is for example.....

brekkie- breakfast
uni-the university
bevvy- beverage
sunnies- sunglasses
whacka- idiot
bathers- bathing suit
pokies- slot machines
mozzies- mosquitoes
roadie- beer you take with you
shelia- woman
pommy shower- using deodorant instead of taking a shower
Hit the froggin toad- hit the road
root- a polite curse word "root off"
bugger- still not sure but we think it is a term of endearment
kangaroos loose in the top paddock- lost your marbles
bring your own grog bludger- bring your own beer moocher
amber fluid- beer

 The funniest of the funny........................................
budgee smugglers (speedo's)

mystery bags (yes it is found on the menu)

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